April 25, 2015

Daikin Air Conditioners

There are times when the weather gets very hot and the air becomes humid. Such days are uncomfortable, and they make people sweat to the brow. Especially in the summer, a swim at the beach and a cold glass of lemonade are very tempting. But thanks to a great method called air conditioning, summer days can be bearable. Air conditioners provide clean air, lower the degrees (Celsius/Fahrenheit) and normalize the humidity level. Because of this, the onset of hot weather shouldn’t be worried about. Air conditioners are now part of must-have home appliances, and by having one, you can have a comfortable temperature inside the house anytime.

Daikin Air Conditioners

For such air conditioning needs, there’s Daikin. It is a Japan-based multinational corporation, specializing in and developing chemical, electronics and industrial technologies. The company however is originally a chemical corporation. Daikin has eight industrial and management divisions: Air Conditioners, Chemicals, Transportation & Refrigeration Systems, Semiconductors, Hydraulic Fluids, Electronics, Defense and After Sales. It is worth noting that the company manufactured Japan’s first fully-assembled air conditioner in 1951. And speaking of air conditioning, Daikin evenly competes with other industrial giants such as Mitsubishi, Fujitsu, etc. It offers air conditioners for home, commercial and industrial uses. The following is an overview of one of Daikin air conditioners, the Ururu Sarara series.

Air Conditioners – Ururu Sarara Series

The Ururu Sarara series is a wall-mounted type of air conditioner for residential use. It is a split-type that conditions the air of a single room. It is white-colored and has a long rectangle shape. Daikin’s Ururu Sarara boasts of having both drying as well as dehumidifying functions, together with fresh air supply ventilation. Whether it is in hot or cold climate, these air conditioners provides the best comfortable indoor temperature. Daikin has thrown in the following features to Ururu Sarara: fresh air supply ventilation Ururu humidifying operation, Sarara drying operation, and energy savings.

The Ururu humidifying operation is an ingenious method, because it does not use any water supply. Instead, it collects the moisture from air outdoors in order to normalize the humidity level indoors. Even in dry weather, the Ururu Sarara series prevents the air from getting too humid. Meanwhile, the Sarara drying operation removes the right amount of water vapors from the air, without affecting the temperature. For the fresh air supply ventilation, the Ururu Sarara series’ Flash unit does the job. It purifies the air and eliminates pollen, dust mites as well as other allergens.  Daikin air conditioners also guarantees an energy-saving operation.

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