April 19, 2015

How Does an Inverter Air Conditioner Work?

If you are looking for an energy efficient air conditioner that will help you save money, you should consider buying an inverter air conditioner. This saves energy which is very important especially in these times when global warming, climate change, and other environmental issues are a big problem. And because this air conditioning system is a big energy saver, you also save money in turn.

You might ask, how does an inverter air conditioner work? How does it save energy? The principle behind this energy efficient technology is quite simple. You may or may not know it, but when you turn on your standard air conditioner, whether it is ductless or ducted, there will be a sudden high consumption of energy. You sometimes observe this when you turn on an appliance, like your regular air conditioner, and your light bulbs will flicker for about one second.

An inverter air conditioner on the other hand starts slowly and also turns off the same way. There will be no sudden spike of energy usage which is common among regular air conditioning units. A standard air conditioning system also has a fixed speed which uses up the same amount of energy no matter what. The inverter type, on the other hand, can adjust its speed depending on the temperature requirement, which makes energy consumption less. The amount of energy that inverter air conditioners save is up to 30 % based on several studies.

Buying an Inverter Air Conditioner

You can buy a Daikin air conditioner, or a Fujitsu air conditioning or Fujitsu inverter.  These use the inverter technology and are also energy efficient. If you have a ducted or ductless air conditioning unit at home, you can upgrade it to the inverter type to enjoy the benefits of this great technology. Although you have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the upgrade, you will be saving money in the long run because your monthly electric bill will be reduced considerably.

How to Choose an Inverter Air Conditioner